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Price Waterhouse Cooper believes that in the last 2 years with the increase in price of the Pink Diamonds it has become the fastest growing hard asset in the world.


1. Diversify Your Diamond Portfolio

Whenever it comes to investing, experts always stress the importance of diversifying your portfolio. This is also the case when investing in colored diamonds. For example, a portfolio of different colors of diamonds such as pink and yellow diamonds provide a number of distinct advantages.
Portfolio diversification is a smart move as it allows for greater flexibility. Demand and value for certain colored diamonds may increase in the future, also increasing your chances of heightened ROI. Further, if you ever need to allocate investment funds, a portion of your diamond portfolio can be liquidated (instead of needing to liquidate the entirety or your investment.)
Bonus note: The value of Argyle pink diamonds has been showing exponential growth during the past decade, with pink diamond prices experiencing the largest appreciation among all other colored diamond categories.

2. Invest In Colored Diamonds With Rare Attributes

If you want your investment to have value, (especially if you are planning on liquidating or selling your diamonds later on,) make sure that you are buying something rare that has unique characteristics. You want a stone that cannot easily be found by others in the market. A pink diamond with decent clarity will gain significantly more attention from buyers than a colorless or yellow diamond of the same caliber. Moreover, an internally flawless yellow diamond will undoubtedly warrant higher demand (and price tags) than a yellow diamond with inclusions. Working together with knowledgeable individuals will ensure that the focus will always be on obtaining a diamond that will capture the attention of other.

3. Only Buy Diamonds That Are Certified

Diamonds are a high-value investment with minor details that can significantly affect their price. For this reason, it is highly advised to always ask for the stone’s certification before buying. More specifically, choose diamonds with GIA certificates. Apart from ensuring you of the quality of your investment, it will also ensure the future buyer that the diamond they are buying is legitimate (if you ever choose to sell it.)

Ask Questions

Before making your final decision, be sure to ask the expert/consultant that you have chosen any and all questions you may have. Diamonds are a significant investment, the more you know about investing the better equipped you will be to make a great decision.

If you are unsure about how to position your investments in fancy colored diamonds, Rare Diamond Investor stands ready to help.  With over 40 years of cumulative industry experience, we'll help you gather the most effective information and insights so that you can make educated decisions on your fancy colored diamond investing.  You can contact us at 855-218-7778 for a personalized review.

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