Certification has become known as the “5th C” when grading and categorizing diamonds and precious gemstones. This provides independent third-party assurance by reputed experts at licensed gemological laboratories around the world, although the most reputable being the Gemological Institute of America, or the GIA.

The GIA offers several options for those looking to have their gemstone professionally evaluated: A Colored Stone Identification Report, a Colored Stone Origin Report, or a Colored Stone Analytical Report. These documents serve as a way to map the stone and identify it’s specific properties and qualities.

Once a loose colored diamond has been graded and certified; buyers receive a complete scientific report of their gemstone. It will then have it’s own personal ID and specific details are recorded about the stone like color, clarity, carat weight, and occasionally the origin of the stone.

Colored Stone Identification Report

This report identifies the material of your specific gemstone, outline it’s color, transparency, shape, cut, dimensions, and weight, and include a digital color photo of the stone. They also determine whether the gemstone is natural, synthetic, or a combination of the two, and report any perceptible enhancement treatments that the gem has undergone. Colored Stone Identification Reports can be issued for any polished, rough, loose, or set gem.

Colored Stone Origin Report

This report offers the same information as the Identification Report, adding only a place of origin, when possible to determine. Only natural rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and tourmalines may have the geographic origin included upon request, when possible to determine.

Colored Stone Analytical Report

This report offers the same information as the Identification Report, as well as the full data collected through further assessments made of the gemstone. This data may include visual spectroscopy, inclusions, refraction index, chemical analysis, and more.

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