Natural Colored Diamonds

The value of colored diamonds is based on rarity of color, followed by color intensity. The more intense the color, the more valuable the natural colored diamond is.

Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds

Are known throughout the world to be extremely rare and have become increasingly popular over the years. They are the most sought after diamonds in today’s diamond market. They can be found in over 300 colors and an infinite number of shades and hues. It‘s said that out of 10,000 white diamonds (which still exist in large quantities in nature), only one of them would be a fancy colored diamond.

“ 2016 was the year of the colored diamond. “
- Nick Glass, Style

The range of colors include yellow, pink, blue, red, green, gray, brown, orange, black and everything in between. The most popular is yellow, the most expensive are intense reds, green, purple, and orange, followed by blue and pink. Each is unique like a piece of art with it’s own shade and richness of color, degree of color saturation, and its own quality of brightness.

The Argyle mine, in Western Australia, has become famous since the 1980’s for producing some of the highest quality of colored diamonds and is responsible for producing colors such as violet and orange not known to exist in the world until discovered in Australia.

A safe investment?

There has emerged a new generation of investors in natural fancy colored diamonds who identify the true upside potential of possessing something of value that has not been matched by anything else in the world. Prices have not gone down. They may have slowed at times but we’ve seen a steady increase in the value of colored diamonds, in fact they’ve increased on average 20% per year.

“ I never regretted buying diamonds... They are a good investment. “
- Warren Buffet

The risk involved in ownership compared to other assets like real-estate and equities (stocks) is minimal. Many investors buy natural fancy colored diamonds not just for their beauty but as a hedge against inflation akin to commodities similar to precious metals as global markets have become more volatile which makes them a great addition to anyone’s portfolio. It’s definitely a market that has expanded over the years and will most likely continue as more people become educated about these rare hard assets and dollars continue to lose buying power.

Ownership of a fine colored diamond is easier than ever for individual investors due to a large market where colored diamonds of all types are bought and sold.

Grading a Colored Diamond

Cut and clarity are not as important when choosing colored diamonds as it is with white diamonds. White diamonds are graded from D to Z while fancy colored diamonds are graded by Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Deep , Fancy Dark, and Fancy Vivid.

The more intense the color, the greater the value and individual colors have greater value than a diamond with a secondary hue.

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Pink Argyle Diamonds

When investing in diamonds you need an advisor who has the depth and breadth of knowledge in investment grade diamonds. Rare Diamond Investor provides seamless access for savvy investors. We focus exclusively on natural fancy-colored diamonds and are staffed by experts in every facet of the diamond market. This level of experience and expertise not only gives us greater understanding of the diamond market, but also gives us access to a professional global network of investors, collectors and industry specialists including the most sought after gemologists and diamond cutters in the world.

At a time when other investments have suffered unparalleled chaos and uncertainty, natural fancy-colored diamonds have steadily appreciated in value. Over the last decade, Argyle pink diamonds have consistently broken records on the global auction market, demonstrating the robust nature of the diamond market and the unceasing international demand.

Natural Yellow Diamonds

Building a solid investment portfolio requires the fundamental knowledge that your money is safe and will appreciate in the long run. The current volatile financial environment has - if anything - proven that stocks and bonds are not as safe as we used to consider them, creating the awareness that earnings and savings should be put somewhere more secure.

The law of supply and demand is defined by the eect that the availability of a particular good and the demand for that good has on the price. The combination of a low supply and a high demand increases the price and vice versa. Fancy colored diamonds are extremely rare and the decreasing supply translates into continuously rising prices, breaking records year after year. Some natural fancy colored diamonds are rarer than others and thus achieve even better price performances.

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